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New Mexico Portfolio Companies

Portfolio companies are New Mexico companies that have received funding from one or more NMVCA member companies.

Aero Mechanical Industries

Aero Mechanical Industries, Inc. is an aeronautical inspection, repair and maintenance business certified by the Federal Aviation Administration as well as the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Altela Corporation

Altela Corporation applies proprietary water clean-up technology to eliminating the liability of Produced Water (PW) in the oil and natural gas industry.

American Clay

American Clay manufactures and distributes clay-based earth plaster products that are practical, environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional plasters.

Armed Response Team

Armed Response Team is an alarm response service that provides an immediate, armed response by trained, former police officers when a customer's home or business alarm goes off.


Aridien is a manufacturer and wholesaler of desiccant products and provides custom packaging solutions for a variety of commercial applications.

Aspen Avionics

Aspen Avionics is a manufacturer of drop-in multi-function device displays for light aircrafts which increase situational awareness and reduce pilot workload. | company profile


BoomTime enables small, service-based businesses, such as spas, to have a real relationship with their clients online.

Comet Solutions

Comet Solutions provides a multi-disciplinary performance engineering workspace powered by abstract modeling that enables engineering teams to make better decisions earlier and accelerate their product development schedules.

Desert Power

Desert Power was established to provide equipment overhaul and repair services to the natural gas compression industry.


ENERPULSE has developed a revolutionary new spark plug called PulStar which can generate up to 10,000 times more power than a conventional spark plug.

Exagen Diagnostics

Exagen Diagnostics discovers and develops practical prognostic genomic markers that enable physicians and patients to make better choices when treating serious diseases.

Figaro Systems

Figaro Systems creates multi-lingual text displays which can be installed at every seat in any theatre along with award-winning Ovation software.


Growstone manufactures substrates and aggregates for horticultural applications from glass destined for landfills using its patented technology.


With InboxFever, users interact with email-powered applications by simply sending an email. Imagine retrieving reports and documents, managing social media accounts, supporting field engineers and sales team, and more.


IntelliCyt develops and markets innovative high throughput cell screening solutions for drug discovery and life science research.

Iosil Energy Corporation

Iosil is uniquely positioned in the solar industry with a breakthrough technology for the production of high purity polysilicon, the essential raw material for solar cells.

JackRabbit Systems

JackRabbit Systems develops online software for destination and travel portal websites.  The Company’s key software is a search engine gathers rate and availability information directly from Lodging Properties websites, displays it for property selection and then redirects consumers to the actual property websites to complete the booking.    

Lotus Leaf Coatings

Lotus Leaf Coatings uses patented nano-powered water-repellent technology developed by Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico to create coating which mimic the water repellency of lotus leaves in nature. They create a new standard of repellency and optical clarity for a variety of products.


Lumidigm is a biometric company dedicated to enabling convenient, secure, and reliable identification and verification.


MIOX produces capital equipment for the on-site generation of a chlorine-based water disinfectant solution for municipal, waste water, recreational and other markets. | company profile

Nanocrystal Corporation

Nanocrystal Corporation is commercializing high-brightness light-emitting diodes for consumer markets such as solid-state lighting and liquid crystal display backlighting in laptops, mobile devices, automotive and television applications. The patented, defect-free Gallium Nitride structure semiconductor technology will be used to develop more efficient devices


nanoMR is developing diagnostic products using standard immunochemistry technology coupled with patented NMR techniques.  nanoMR's devices are simple, small and inexpensive- while providing unparalleled sensitivity and speed. .nanoMR's first product addresses the blood culture market.   


Nuvita combines leading-edge science, technology and innovative distribution to improve individual health, reduce the risk of disease, and ultimately decrease health care costs.


Protohit is a healthcare IT company providing industry-changing efficiency improvements in workers compensation through the use of proprietary treatment protocols and analytics delivered through a web-based system.

Respira Therapeutics

Respira Therapeutics is a drug delivery device company founded by CTF through an exclusive worldwide field of use license from the University of New Mexico. Respira’s technology has the potential to make a significant impact in the dry inhalant drug delivery industry.


Samba builds web-based applications that allow private industry customers to monitor driver records and ensure that only qualified drivers operate company vehicles or personal vehicles on company time.

Skorpios Technologies

Skorpios Technologies is a silicon photonics company focused on bringing the economy and scale of the silicon industry to the optical communications market.  Skorpios offers a new generation of opto-electronic modules that will enable the next generation communications ecosystem.


SkyFuel is emerging as a world leader in the design and deployment of concentrating solar power (CSP) systems.

Sundrop Fuels

Sundrop Fuels has developed a patented technology which produces fuels while simultaneously producing electricity from free and renewable solar energy.

Teucrium Trading, LLC, LLC

Teucrium Trading, LLC is an issuer of single commodity focused next generation Exchange Traded Products in the agricultural and energy sectors. Teucrium designs investment vehicles that offer liquidity, transparency and capacity in single-commodity investing to investors and hedgers in the popular and highly liquid ETP format.

TruTouch Technologies

TruTouch has developed and demonstrated innovative non-invasive testing systems that measure alcohol in people using optical technology.


Veralight is a medical device company that is developing the Scout DS system, a non-invasive screening device that will detect diabetes and pre-diabetes more accurately and conveniently than current methods.

Vertical Power

Vertical Power offers a new way to wire and fly experimental aircraft using a centralized, fault-tolerant Control Unit, the industry’s first electronic circuit breaker system, to control the electrical power to the devices and contactors on your aircraft.


WellKeeper develops reliable, dependable and affordable remote monitoring solutions for independent oil and gas operators using patent pending technology.

ZTEC Instruments

ZTEC Instruments is a pioneering instrument design and manufacturing company whose products include embedded intelligence to allow users to develop custom test and measurement solutions.

Protohit - Protohit is a healthcare IT company providing industry-changing efficiency improvements in
workers compensation through the use of proprietary treatment protocols and analytics
delivered through a web-based system.