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Member Company Profiles

Sun Mountain Capital fills important role in the state’s VC environment

On the co-investment side, Sun Mountain has been instrumental in helping bring capital to the state through larger investment rounds for growing companies. More Info»

New Mexico Community Capital Refines its Investment Focus

The first double bottom line firm in the state, New Mexico Community Capital (NMCC) has refined its focus. More Info»

Flywheel Ventures' Scott Caruso Sees Opportunity in Digital Infrastructure Trends

Scott Caruso has organized his observations of digital infrastructure into 3 broad trends: Always Accessible, Cloud Computing and Social Production. He says that the real opportunities exist where these trends intersect. More Info»

Planting the Seeds for VC in New Mexico

The Verge Fund may have only been in existence for 4 years, but its team has very deep roots in both New Mexico and venture capital. Managing general partner Tom Stephenson has been working in VC for 12 years, for example, and general partner Dave Durgin says he has been involved since 1969, when he first spun a company out of Sandia National Laboratories. More Info»