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Venture Capital's Economic Impact in New Mexico

New Mexico

In recent years, venture capital investment in New Mexico has been rising dramatically. The number of companies which have received capital has soared.

A study released by the National Venture Capital Association in March 2008 showed New Mexico as #1 for growth in VC investment for the 10 years between 1997 and 2007. In March, 2008, The New York Times noted, "In New Mexico, for instance, venture capitalists put $128 million into 21 companies in 2007, the survey found. Compared to the investments made a decade ago, that's an increase of 600 percent in the number of companies and of 375 percent in the amount of funding."

Factors contributing to this growth include the influx of venture capital firms and professionals into New Mexico, and the burgeoning amount of capital invested in New Mexico companies.

The state's intellectual property assets, including technology from the national labs and universities has also contributed, along with the investment of state permanent fund money into venture capital funds.

Associations including NMVCA and New Mexico Angels, nonprofits such as Technology Ventures Corp. and increased attention from the national press have also been a part of this positive trend.

Download the State of Venture Capital in New Mexico 2009, a presentation to the Coronado Ventures Forum which includes data on financings in recent years and deal flow by sector. (PDF, 134k)

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